I am passionate about seeing people pursue their callings as creative beings.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I moved here in 2017, and I love living here. I also loved living in Charleston, South Carolina for the 21 years prior to that move. Before that I called Fairfax, Virginia my place of home and work. And before that, I was born and raised and educated in Western Pennsylvania, with a stop in Northwest Ohio where I studied to pursue a career in technology and business.

For some of those years, the church was my oasis from my career. For other years, the church was my career. For still other years, it was my place to grow, to volunteer and to serve. For some years, I walked away, but for most of my years, it has been a place of peace and yet a place of tension, beautiful and broken, eternally constant but ever-changing. I am anchored in the fact that the living hope of the church, Jesus Christ, is the antidote for a disillusioned world.

I am passionate about seeing people pursue their callings as creative beings. Art, music, literature - that which we see, read, hear and experience - these things offer life-giving and community-engaging opportunities to grow. My sweet spot exists where encouraging people in their gifts, talents and desires intersects with solving an organization’s problems strategically and productively, where finding the best methodologies and practices matter, where art meets organization, where left-brain and right-brain come together to demonstrate to a fearful and disenchanted world that Hope is alive.

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Talks, Mentoring, Training and Team Development

I can encourage, motivate and support the people who do the work

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Creative and Technical Strategies, Designs and Solutions

I can help you identity what needs to be done and how to do it efficiently

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Product and Process Design, Development and Delivery

I can do the work, deliver it to you and teach you how to make it sustainable


Send me a message. I love to talk and strategize, to share dreams and resources!