Have you heard the story…


. . . about the church pastor who had a vision to move the grand piano from the left side of the sanctuary to the right side of the sanctuary? The pastor knew that even the suggestion of such a move would be the stuff of heated debate, multiple meetings, and grunts of disapproval. Six months passed and a returning visitor to the church noticed that the piano had been moved. Knowing the controversy, the visitor asked the pastor how it happened that the piano was moved.

The pastor’s response: “One foot a week. One week at a time.”


Do you need
a creative solution
to move your vision forward?


I’m Patti Wheat, designer, consultant, advisor.

What is your piano? Your gap? Do you need a creative way to:


Train and motivate staff and volunteers
… your most valuable resource - the very people charged with the continuing work


Match better methodologies to tasks
… better ways to produce newsletters, bulletins, visual media
… better systems to track membership and schedule volunteers
… better methods to communicate with your congregation


Create visual designs that are authentic to your organization’s DNA
… worship media, websites, promotions, teaching series, retreats and conferences


Develop strategies
while considering audience impact and church culture

Your message and media can be more memorable. More to the point. More focused.

Your people can be more confident. More efficient. More effective. More time for ministry.


Can we talk about bridging your gap?

  1. For starters, tell me who you are.

2. Next, I will learn about your culture, no strings attached.
If you are in the Nashville area, I’ll come to you.

3. Then, we can talk about your vision and ways to make it happen.



What’s the size of your creative team?


“What is the size of your creative team?”

I once took a survey that asked that question and gave these options:

(a) 3-5 people (b) 6-10 people (c) more than 10

My answer was (d) none of the above. Our creative team was the communications director, and me, a part-time worship leader. We laughed, but I felt left out, unnoticed and unimportant. Forgotten.

Since that time, I have remembered the ministries that have limited, but valuable, resources. I have remembered those who know they have the better message and need resources to help tell it effectively and efficiently. I have remembered that small but strategic movements make big changes.

You are not forgotten. And you can be memorable.



Your staff:
trained, motivated, supported



Your problems:
solved creatively and sustainably


Your vision:
implemented and delivered


Why do I want to invest in your ministry?

Because we have the better message, and making your message better matters.

Read what can happen when organization, inspiration, and creativity combine for a better solution.